Our motors are CE marked.

MOTEK has always ensured that all its motors comply with RES, essential safety requirements prescribed by the Low Voltage Directive through the CE-EMC declaration.
Having this certification confirms that all MOTEK motors fully comply with the stringent safety requirements of European Directives.

Our motors are UL and CSA certified

UL/CSA certification is the flagship of MOTEK's production. We pride ourselves in this important certification – hard to attain and maintain – which we achieved after a very selective, complex process.
Our motors come with a UR + the suffix C-US mark, meaning that the motor fully complies with all requirements of the US as well as the Canadian (C) market. In order to retain this prestigious award MOTEK is subject to periodic, unannounced inspections by the approving committee in order to check production processes as well as the components used for manufacturing of the marked motors.
The UL file number for our products is E365718. For the full list of our certified products please visit the UL website.

Our motors are high or premium efficiency motors (IE3 IE2)

Due to their widespread applications across multiple domestic and industrial sectors, these motors play a crucial role in reducing power consumption worldwide.
For this reason, the European Community has adopted the European Regulation 640/2009, which has established standardized efficiency classes for standard three-phase electric motors and the related measurement methods. The application of such a regulation requires a test room equipped with instrumentation with specific precision class.
MOTEK has always spearheaded the battle for consumption savings, so it is the designer and manufacturer of a full range of motors capable of fully meeting these requirements. And that's not all. MOTEK has set up its own test room capable of carrying out all the checks in accordance with the standard method.

Top Quality Motors

MOTEK’s production and management occurs through structured processes that guarantee the total quality of the end product managing production flows and storing information in-house, managing the warehouse logistics and monitoring production and complaints on a rolling basis.
In all of these steps MOTEK has streamlined all bureaucratic activities aimed at obtaining any required certifications while focussing on the quality of motors without any extra cost.

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