Research as a response to the evolution of the modern marketplace

Our distinctive features are:
  • technical expertise,
  • flexibility,
  • efficiency,
  • ability to design and manufacture the optimal product for each industrial sector,
  • preliminary study for any new project, working closely with each client to customize the motors to their individual requirements,
  • responding quickly to rush order requests to meet customer needs,
  • promptness in providing offers for any motor requested, including for particular products which are yet to be excecuted
  • How customization occurs

  • design
  • constant updates on ongoing orders
  • respect for delivery times
  • flexibility in the manufacturing progress
  • capability of managing small as well as medium-sized production batches
  • long-standing partnership with strategic suppliers
  • effective storage of information
  • post-sales customer care
  • Strenghts

    Dedicated Engineers
    Commitment to Excellence
    Attention to Details
    High Quality Motors, Break Motors, Space-Saving Motors (Seimec), Single-Phase and Double Speed Motors
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